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GreenZoo™ Milk Powder - Not Available Online

This product is only available upon request. Contact us for details.


GreenZoo™ Milk Powder

Convenient milk powders from New Zealand. Instanlised milk powder that dissolves in cold and warm water in seconds and is a great non-perishable option to fresh milk.

Key benefits:

  • Tasty and safe milk powder from New Zealand pasture-fed free range cows
  • Perfect for everyday drinking
  • Resealable stand up pouch - 400gm
  • Goodness of cows milk
  • Full cream milk powder is high in calcium and a good source of protein. No added sugar, colouring, preservative or flavour.
  • Much safer than fresh milk & no waste


  • Instant Full cream milk powder
  • Instant Skim milk powder
  • Instant Maternal support powder

Made and packed in New Zealand with 100% New Zealand milk powders.

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