The ZooLab is a design-led innovation and ideas hub, whose team members are not only deeply passionate about creating innovative food concepts but are a collaboration of the best minds not only at GreenZoo™ but with other leaders, experts in the Food and Beverage sector (NZ manufacturing resources, Government Departments, Export Channels)

The ZooLab is where ALL our GreenZoo™ creations come to life! Our inspirations don’t happen in a boardroom, or after paying a fortune for a marketing agency or research institution to create a product on a computer screen. It happens naturally when we are out ‘living’ with our friends and family or from some of the great feedback we receive from our loyal customers. It’s usually a seed of an idea that we walk through the ZooLab for testing and the results are usually ‘exceptionally good’!

Design-led nutrition for us is about always aiming for perfection in a balanced way, being fast and nimble and never thinking like a corporate which is all about hitting sales targets and driving costs downs.

The ZooLab team are definitely a quirky bunch but when they get together they create magic. We all want to look back and be proud of what we have achieved and believe that in some small way, we have made a difference to the health and wellbeing of our customers.

Our Product Design Principals:


  • A customer for life – we want to break down the corporate barriers. When you speak to GreenZoo™ you speak to real people who are connected with the company and who can make a difference.
  • It’s through this connection with our customers and our supply chain that brings us success in developing products that taste great and are LOVED by all.


    • We love finding solutions, the business started out from our personal frustration at the bland poor quality of baby food available, the solution was our GreenMonkey™ organic range. We then identified similar issues, and our customers started providing us with more problems that we needed to find solutions for (healthy lunch box snacks, nutritional food for fussy eaters, healthy alternatives to the sugar laden drinks/bars that the market offered).
    • We like to think our solutions reduce the stress, you know that GreenZoo™ is providing a product that is healthy, full of nutrition, considerate of the environment and best of all tastes great!

    Balanced – win… win.

    • We like to think we take everything into account when designing and producing ‘world-class’ food products for distribution across local and international markets. Getting the perfect balance is an art but is something that we strive for on a daily basis…
      • Customer focus, quality ingredients, environmental considerations, nutritional benefits, convenient, distribution, sustainable farming, great taste, looks great, …


        • You can make the best tasting and most nutritious product in the world but if it’s not convenient nobody will use it.
        • Our focus is bringing the best products make us able to be used anywhere, that are clearly labelled (no misleading labelling/marketing tricks), reliable and trust worthy.

        Made In New Zealand - Locally Sourced

        • ALL GreenZoo™ products must be made in New Zealand and locally sourced.
        • Where possible, there are some unique products that New Zealand doesn’t produce, so when we can’t source locally we ensure it’s the best we can get from an overseas source (Always GreenZoo approved).


        • We use local ingredients (We know the names of our farmers) so our traceability is excellent and we provide feedback as to what is working with our customers. It’s the ultimate pasture to plate.
        • We are always demanding the highest quality and are willing to pay it.
        • Sustainable environment – packaging – raw materials – dairy (Fonterra) – don’t buy cheapest buy best quality – (sustainable supply chain business) – palm kernel free 


            • ‘Think iphone’ is a key mantra at the ZooLab, Steve Jobs was ahead of his time when it came to making products that people loved. Our mantra ensures we focus on the small details when designing packaging to exceed our customers’ requirements.  
            • We were one of the first companies in the world to introduce ‘shelf stable’ packaging to the babyfood category. It was all glass jars… not anymore.


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