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Sustainable for GreenZoo is about bringing value to the farmers and the customers, we achieve this by having a smart supply chain (Direct to Store, Direct to Customer) that doesn’t have people adding cost but no value.

Our farmers (growers) love that they are rewarded for their efforts and can see the final results (products that people love). The organic carrot grower in Hawke's Bay or the apple grower in Nelson know they are getting a fair price, which means they can continue to be good guardians of their farms for future generations.

Sustainable is for us is also about longevity, we want products that will last and that have a positive impact on our customers health and well-being.

Sustainable is also about the environment, we are constantly challenging ourselves to reduce our impact on the environment, we are very strict and have a ‘zero waste’ policy which is why all our products have a long shelf life (reduces amount of stock dumping).


See-saw –

  1. 1. a long plank balanced in the middle on a fixed support, on each end of which children sit and swing up and down by pushing the ground alternately with their feet.

Balanced is about win – win, best of both ends, good for you and tastes great, simple food (natural) using advanced processing. If one end of the see saw gets too high, then we know we are not doing it right.

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