GreenZoo™ is a wellness food brand born right here in the pristine environment of New Zealand. It has naturally evolved from the development journey of our award winning GreenMonkey™ Organic Baby Food.

Our vision is to bring to life the most wholesome and trusted food brand imaginable. A highly innovative, world-class, design led food company focused on creating quality nutrition of the highest ethical standards, whilst embracing advanced nutritional science. Our desire is to develop wellness food products that consumers can have total confidence in and know will benefit their health. We are passionate about creating premium quality foods that can make a positive difference in peoples lives and their wellbeing, especially their children! The trend today of mass produced, over processed and poor quality food has inspired us to challenge such norms. It is this endeavour to provide customers with super high-end foods that fuels our creativity so we can continue to innovate and deliver new products to the market.

The GreenZoo™ Balanced Feeding System

Includes our range of three Premium GreenZoo™ Milk Formulas complementing our GreenMonkey™ 100% Pure Organic Baby Foods.  Our pursuit of perfection when it comes to integrated food design is ongoing so that we can always deliver on our core philosophy - "nutrition you can trust ".

Where It All Began! The GreenMonkey™ Story

GreenMonkey™ is a “super premium” organic baby food brand designed for babies aged four months onwards. Based on traditional, wholesome, homemade recipes our fruit, vegetable & meat ingredients are sourced entirely from New Zealand and safely nurtured by our 100% certified organic farmers. New Zealand's environment is pristine and has ideal growing conditions to produce the most pure organic produce. It also exhibits internationally respected standards of quality in primary production and good food manufacturing practice.  

GreenMonkey™ had been on the market for over eight years achieving strong success as a premium, 100% New Zealand, frozen organic baby food brand. After mastering frozen organic baby food concepts we recognized the distinct lack of convenience that such frozen products posed. This obstacle to an otherwise brilliant product, inspired us to create the perfect solution with this award winning innovation!

The GreenMonkey™ pouch system goes well beyond any existing baby food available in the world in terms of premium product quality, unique features and consumer appeal. This system evolved from an integrated design philosophy with quality placed firmly at its centre. It delivers real food with the ultimate convenience whilst still providing a pure and natural organic product that can be safely stored at room temperature. An inspired development team of Mothers, Nutritionists, Food Technologists & Designers have ensured that our baby food is the best and safest in the world - "pure nutrition you can trust "

Our packaging system enables us to store a fresh and delicious product without the need for additives, preservatives, freezing or refrigeration. Our wholesome recipes are gently pressure cooked within the tailor made multilayer pouch to seal in the fresh flavour. This sophisticated processing technology attains the highest standards of quality in organic baby food manufacturing and safety, whilst still remaining faithful to the integrity of organic food principles. Our philosophy of design-led innovation has enabled us to bring to life:

“The Most Natural and Convenient Baby Food on Earth”

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