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The most natural and convenient baby food on Earth

We began with a design-led philosophy to bring to life “the most natural and convenient baby food on Earth”. We source pure organic produce, nurtured by passionate organic farmers in the pristine environment of New Zealand. Our wholesome recipes are pressure cooked with sophicated processing technology to seal in the favour. The result, naturally born baby food!

The GreenMonkey™ Pouch System delivers real food with the alternate convenience whilst maintaining world class food safety and organic integrity.

Delivers real food with the ultimate convenience

The custom designed, multilayer pouch ensures that our 100% pure organic ingredients remain in peak condition at room temperature. A transparent gusset in the pouch base lets you see the baby food inside. The pouch is extremely lightweight and portable providing total ease of use for the consumer, retailer & baby. Babies can be served straight from the pouch hot or cold, alternatively heat in a microwave or hot cup of water before serving. The pouch can be stored in your nappy bag or the glove box of your car.

The long shelf life enhances our delivery system. It appeals to customers, merchandisers and benefits global supply chain. Our pouch requires less energy to maintain its integrity once made, compared to frozen and chilled baby food products. Our pouch replaces heavy, clunky cans, jars and lids helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Elegant, vibrant and eye catching graphic design convey the inherent quality of the product and the essence of our brand ethos. The circular symbol that makes up the GreenMonkey™ logo contains elements of the unborn baby and New Zealand’s iconic Koru. The Koru is NZ’s most enduring art form. It represents renewal of life, energy and new beginnings.

The pouch is presented in a simple, highly functional yet elegant retail display device, constructed of recycled cardboard and printed with natural vegetable inks. These are easy to use, have strong visual impact on the retail shelf, create a professional image for our valued customers and are totally recyclable.

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