Our product offerings goes well beyond the overall quality of anything currently available worldwide. Our innovations modernises and refreshes the baby food, infant formula and health snack category. It provides the finest quality, 100% pure, fully traceable, safe, ultra-convenient, shelf stable, with the main ingredients sourced entirely from New Zealand (There are some smaller ingredients which are not available in New Zealand, so we ensure we source the ‘Best Quality’ possible from Overseas Suppliers).

To discuss distribution of the below range of products please get in touch with the team at Greenzoo. 

GreenMonkey Organic Baby Food

GreenMonkey™ is a “super premium” organic baby food brand designed for babies aged four months onwards. Based on traditional, wholesome, homemade recipes our fruit, vegetable & meat ingredients are sourced entirely from New Zealand and safely nurtured by our 100% certified organic farmers. New Zealand's environment is pristine and has ideal growing conditions to produce the most pure organic produce. It also exhibits internationally respected standards of quality in primary production and good food manufacturing practice.

Zappz Apple Chips

We began with a design led philosophy to bring to life an innovative snack food with a twist - a decadent Apple snack product so good it would be addictive, yet healthy at the same time! 

We source pure New Zealand apples nurtured by passionate Kiwi orchardists who hand pick them from their trees, in the pristine environment of New Zealand - the sunny Nelson region in fact! These juicy apples journey to our factory where we core them, chip them and send them through our unique MAGIC drying process. (Yep, we dry them not fry them!).

Zoodles Fruit Noodles

Shaped just like Noodles, but it doesn’t stop there… with their sweet fruit filled flavour and crazy, fun shape.

We harvest Pure New Zealand Apples nurtured by passionate Kiwi orchardists who hand pick them from their trees, in the pristine environment of New Zealand - the sunny Nelson region in fact!

We beat them to a pulp, even adding other yummy fruits then 'Magic Dry' them into our wholesome ‘Fruit Thinking Noodles'.

Exciting flavours, packed right to the top with the best kind of whole fruit picked straight from the crop! Get hooked today on our tasty, shapely snack. Edgy, healthy, all natural… just pure fruity fun and bursting with fresh flavour.

Zoodie - Liquid Food Smoothie Powder

100% Dairy Nutrition Born in New Zealand

In the Zoolab we hatched a plan to create a wicked wellness product. The clever name of this breakthrough beverage combines what it is in essence - liquid food and a kind of smoothie - ZOODIE.

So here you have it, our design led liquid food smoothie, fun, edgy, tasty, and full of natural fruit and vegetable powders and New Zealand dairy.

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