My baby is only five months old, but your pouches recommend around four to six months?

Most babies are ready for solids from four to six months old remember all babies are different. Always talk to a health professional before starting solids. The GreenMonkey™ pouches are most suitable as a first food from around six months of age.

My children are past pureed food, can I still feed them GreenMonkey™?

GreenMonkey™ vegetable recipe pouches are great for all ages, adults too, use as a pasta sauce, alongside meats, or as a base for soups etc.

The fruit recipe pouches are a GREAT healthy school lunch snack, or used in a smoothie or even on your muesli for breakfast.

How can your products be safe out of the fridge with no added preservatives?

There is no need for us to use preservatives in the GreenMonkey™ pouches, the way we pressure cook the food inside a muliti layer pouch seals in the freshness without the use of additives or preservatives.

However, once opened the contents of the pouch must be stored in the fridge and used within two days.

My Child has allergies is GreenMonkey™ safe to use?

GreenMonkey™ is perfect for children with allergies, it has nothing else added apart from organic fruit, vegetables and meat. We have not added in any bulking agents and our recipes are listed to add up to 100% unlike many other brands. You can supplement our baby food by adding the likes of gluten free pasta or organic rice. You can add any food that you know your baby can safely eat that would compliment our existing recipes.

My toddler refuses to eat vegetables, what do you recommend I do?

You are not alone; some toddlers are fussy every day, others just sometimes. You can mix our vegetable purees in the food they do eat, as a dipping sauce, on a pizza base or even over instant noodles. We also recommend you mix fruit and vegetables together over a period of time and gradually reduce the fruit. Fruit is naturally sweet making it more palatable to even the fussiest of toddlers. Remember to try and make food bright and fun for them.

For any other questions you may have, be it:

  • starting your baby on solids,
  • our GreenMonkey™ baby foods
  • or just a general question

please feel free to email (see contact us).

Why is organic food so important for my baby?

Organic fruit and vegetables are grown without the use of synthetic chemical fertilisers or pesticides. GreenMonkey™ baby food is made using 100% New Zealand Organic ingredients and made in a facility that is certified to meet strict world class food safety standards.

The long-term health effects of pesticide exposure to humans are not fully known. What we do know is that children who eat organically grown foods are exposed to fewer pesticides than children who do not.

Not only do organically grown foods provide the benefit of ingesting less pesticides, they can also be more nutritious! Studies show that organic fruits and vegetables have higher levels of antioxidants than conventionally grown produce. Giving your baby fresh and delicious foods will help them learn to enjoy healthy eating now and in the future.

To many people, the main reason to eat organically grown and processed food is to support sustainable farming methods that are more friendly to our planet earth. Organic methods include crop rotation, composting, and the use of insects and natural substances to control pests that may otherwise damage crops. Organic farms have less top-soil loss and generate less pollution than conventional farms reducing our carbon footprint and helping us all be greener monkeys.

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