Where is Greenzoo Kiwipro Formula from?

Our Greenzoo Kiwipro formula range is created, manufactured and packed in New Zealand.  Our formula is made under strict guidelines and meets New Zealand and Australian Food Standards (FSANZ) as well as New Zealand's high quality and safety standards, specific to dairy products.

How long has Greenzoo been around for? 

Greenzoo was formed in 2010 after evolving from our GreenMonkey Organic Baby Food brand.  Greenzoo formula has established a strong level of trust and consumer favour in the China market and new markets are in constant development.  We are proud to be 100% owned and operated by Kiwis here in the pristine environment of New Zealand.

What are the best things about Greenzoo Kiwipro Formulas? 

We use the latest technology and have world-class food safety processes in place to ensure our products are safe for your child.

Our formulas provide all the essential ingredients for normal growth and development.

- Added DHA & ARA

- Added prebiotics GOS(Galacto-oligosaccharide) & FOS(Fructo-oligosaccharide)

- Added probiotics – friendly bacteria

- Calcium and Iron enriched


What is the difference between the three stages of Greenzoo Kiwipro Formulas? 

Kiwipro Infant Formula (0-6months) –  a combination of carefully selected ingredients provides a  nutritionally complete product aimed to support your infant's growth through to 6 months.

Kiwipro Follow-On Formula (6-12months) – this formula compliments the introduction of solids to your baby's diet contributing the necessary vitamins and minerals to support growth of babies aged 6-12 months.

Kiwipro Toddler Milk (12-36months) – this formula provides a balanced, high quality, cows' milk supplement to your active toddler's normal diet. +12 months.

Can any baby have Greenzoo Kiwipro Formulas?

Greenzoo formulas are milk based.  If your baby or any family member has an allergy you should seek medical advice before starting formula.  Our products are carefully labelled so you know exactly what is in them.  Greenzoo formulas contain milk, soy and fish derived ingredients.


Where do I find the expiry date on the product?

On the bottom of every can you will find the Use By Date clearly printed YYYY/MM/DD

Our products have a use by date of 24 months from date of manufacture.

How long after I open the can will it last?

If you store correctly out of direct sunlight you should use the product within four weeks of opening.


Is it easy to prepare Greenzoo formula for my baby?

All appropriate information on preparation of the formula is provided on the side of every can of Greenzoo Formula.  There is a feeding table to give correct amounts needed to make up the formula. Each can has its own scoop which has been designed to provide exact quantities when mixing up each batch of formula.  There is also a preparation table on every can with easy to follow instructions.

Why is Greenzoo Kiwipro Toddler Milk better for my child than plain cows milk?

Once your child has reached 12 months their diet should be more varied and can include normal cows milk.   Toddler milk is developed to provide extra vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, zinc, iron as well as pre and probiotics to nurture inner health.  Often toddlers can be fussy so by providing a premium toddler milk you can rely on them receiving essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a convenient way.

What is the Breast is Best warning? 

At Greenzoo we follow guidelines from New Zealand Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization Code of Marketing Breast Milk Substitutes.  Breastfeeding is the best start possible for your child and you should seek advice from your health care professional before deciding to bottle feed.

My baby is constipated – could this be your formula?

Any change in diet can effect stool movement, frequency, consistency and colour.  Our formula as required is fortified with mineral iron for healthy growth and development.  The added iron can cause some stools to be green in colour and may cause some temporary constipation, particularly compared with stools from breastfed babies.

Greenzoo formula has oligosaccharides GOS and FOS which are forms of dietary fibre.  They not only help to soften baby's stools for the prevention of constipation but also work to support the healthy bacteria present in the gut.

Babies digestive systems can be affected by all sorts of factors including sickness, introduction of new foods and teething.  

If you have any doubts at all it is best to contact your health professional for advice.

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