Food Safety

Food safety is critical when dealing with food products, especially so with infant products (GreenMonkey™ Baby food and GreenZoo™ Infant Formula).

We only work with sophisticated export standard (highest standard) manufacturing plants in New Zealand whom adhere and are audited to the highest Food Safety standards in the world.

Our manufacturing plants have Risk Management Plans (RMP), which is a written programme designed to manage the hazards, wholesomeness and labelling of dairy and meat within our products. This is to ensure the products we sell are 'fit for purpose' – safe, suitable and truthfully labelled.

Our Organic GreenMonkey range is 100% pure New Zealand made in a world-class export grade facility. Our manufacturing plant has Organic Certification Status with internationally recognized Asurequality NZ0480, who is also IFOAM Accredited.

We use “State of the Art” food processing equipment (Advanced Thermal Process) that seals in the fresh flavour. This gentle cooking method retains essential nutrients, texture and natural tastes. The GreenMonkeypouch system enables us to store a fresh and delicious product without the need for any additives, preservatives, freezing or refrigeration.

The highest quality standards in organic baby food manufacturing and safety are achieved whilst remaining faithful to the integrity of well-established organic food principles. Methodical production planning ensures complete ingredient traceability and robust supply chain management of all our raw materials. Shelf stable manufacturing is possible due to the high-tech multilayer BPA FREE pouch. It also enables metal detection after filling and throughout subsequent packing processes to further safeguard our baby food quality.  

GreenMonkey™ is made within strict food safety guidelines by fully complying with an Accredited HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) Food Safety program. Our premises have been purpose-built and constructed to the highest possible food hygiene standards necessary for meat export.

Accredited HACCP Food Safety program.


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