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A Customer for Life - Nutrition you can trust

“My job is to ensure that we are always providing the best quality products on the planet. I achieve this by never cutting any corners, being honest to our loyal customers, providing convenient food that is simple and easy to understand but leverages the latest in smart processing technology… but most importantly it has got to taste great. When I feel confident that I am giving my family the best (babyfood, nutritional drink and snack) then I know it’s ready for the market!”. Charlotte Rebbeck, GreenMonkey Founder.

Quality at ALL cost

Our endeavour is to adhere to our integrity values and resist going down the familiar path of reducing food and nutritional quality to lower costs. Instead we treat high quality standards as sacrosanct and aim to strip out costs via intelligent business model design, lean philosophy and structures where we focus on waste elimination in everything we do.

GreenZoo has created an entirely new benchmark of quality in their baby food, infant formula, dairy nutrition and health snack ranges what we now term “super premium”. We seek to supply and sell our product to customers who understand, believe and value this compelling sales proposition centred on quality nutrition.

Made in New Zealand

Our product offerings goes well beyond the overall quality of anything currently available worldwide. Our innovations modernises and refreshes the baby food, formula and health snack category. It provides the finest quality, 100% pure, fully traceable, safe, ultra-convenient, shelf stable, with the main ingredients sourced entirely from New Zealand (There are some smaller ingredients which are not available in New Zealand, so we ensure we source the ‘Best Quality’ possible from Overseas Suppliers).

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