Zoodles Fruit Noodles Green Apple

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100% Pure Green Apple Fruit Noodles -  Born naturally in New Zealand

Back in the ZOOLAB the team at GreenZoo  have invented for you their latest innovation in fruity snack food. Zoodles - shaped just like Noodles, but it doesn’t stop there… with their sweet fruit filled flavour and crazy, fun shape.

We harvest Pure New Zealand Apples nurtured by passionate Kiwi orchardists who hand pick them from their trees, in the pristine environment of New Zealand - the sunny Nelson region in fact!

We beat them to a pulp, even adding other yummy fruits then 'Magic Dry' them into our wholesome ‘Fruit Thinking Noodles'.

Exciting flavours, packed right to the top with the best kind of whole fruit picked straight from the crop! Get hooked today on our tasty, shapely snack. Edgy, healthy, all natural… just pure fruity fun and bursting with fresh flavour.

  • Gluten Free
  • No Sulphites
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Preservatives
  • 100% Pure NZ Apples and Boysenberries
  • Real NZ Fruit (Not Imported)

Ingredients: New Zealand Apple Pulp 100%

Zoodles 'Fruit Thinking Noodles'... so hard to resist.