The Loons Theatre Trust - Begging for it...

Here is a good cause to get behind!!!

Post the February 2011 Earthquakes Christchurch has been in need of good venues for the Local Art’s Community to utilise.

The Loon Theatre Trust lost their home (stage) in the 2011 and have been working tirelessly ever since to bring back a theatre that will be a huge asset for not only the Children of Lyttelton but also the wider Christchurch Art’s Community. The Loons Theatre Trust have entered into a partnership with the Lyttelton Primary School (whom have also had a tough time of it lately) to build a dual purpose facility (School Hall and Theatre) on the Lyttelton Primary School campus.

They require $70,000 and are 55% of the way there… they have until November 5th to meet the deadline, so it’s crucial they can get the funding across the line.

The theatre will be used by children to learn drama and dance as part of the Loons in Schools educational program with their vision being to offer a top class performing arts education to the children of Christchurch so they can take New Zealand talent to the world.

So there are two ways you can donate:

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Every penny counts...!

The GreenZoo Team


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