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When is your baby ready for solids?

Weaning – when your baby is ready for more than a liquid diet

The New Zealand Food & Nutrition Guidelines for ‘Healthy Infants and Toddlers (aged 0–2 years)’ recommend that most infants are ready for complimentary feeding (weaning) between 4 and 6 months.

Signs to indicate when your baby is ready for weaning

  • is able to hold head up.
  • tongue no longer protrudes (extrusion reflex).
  • wakes more at night.
  • is interested in others eating.
  • seems hungry after liquid feeds.
  • frequently puts things in mouth.

WHO (World Health Organisation) and the Department of Health both agree that breast milk and/or formula – can satisfy babies nutritional needs right up until the age of 6 months. It is important NOT to rush weaning! A human baby’s gut and kidneys are not adequately matured before 4 months so they may not have an ability to fully cope with solids. If you introduce solids before 4 months the baby may be at an increased risk of:

  • eczema
  • dehydration
  • respiratory disease
  • diarrhea

However, after 6 months of age most researchers agree that infants can not meet the increased demand for energy, iron and zinc from breast-milk or formula alone. Solids should be introduced by this time to ensure that the necessary vitamins and minerals, (especially iron), are absorbed to enhance growth, brain development and learning.

If you believe your baby is ready for solids, or you have been advised by your health professional to trial solids, then GreenMonkey™ pouches will be a very suitable and yummy addition to your baby’s diet.

Note: GreenMonkey™ pouches only include ingredients that are easy for your baby to digest.

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